comentariile in wordpress

Managing comments in WordPress

WordPress comes with a well thought out system for handling comments sent by site visitors, directly from the control panel.

In order to view, edit, or delete comments on the site, you must select the “comments” option from the main menu of the WordPress control panel. Any message sent by a visitor will not be visible on the site until it receives approval from the administrator.

Therefore, existing comments will have one of the following 4 statuses depending on their origin or site settings:

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  1. Approved status (visible)
  2. Status pending (not yet visible until the administrator approves it)
  3. Spam (similar to those who are waiting but suspected of spam)
  4. Deleted (any comment that is not approved is automatically deleted in about a month)

One of the advantages of managing comments in WordPress is that the administrator can edit or even reply to them directly from the control panel. In the “settings” section of the main menu, through the “discussions” sub-tab we can choose the conditions for their publication. Here you can activate / deactivate the visibility of the comments, you can request their editing only after an authentication with the name and email address of the people I write, as well as the establishment of a validity term for their visibility on the site.

Also from the control panel (“Settings / Comments” section) you can choose to customize the aspects you want to appear. Thus, you can change options such as: person’s name, image (engraver), email address, text message, ip address, etc.

Această imagine are atributul alt gol; numele fișierului este websitestools.ro_wp-admin_options-discussion.php_-1024x464.png