produse personalizate woocommerce

Plugin ideas for custom Woocommerce products

In this article we will give you some suggestions on plugins that can be useful to create other types of products than the default Woocommerce. An online store is not just a site that sells physical or online products that can be delivered or downloaded after being added to the shopping cart. An online store should also be able to be used by companies that develop a website, for example for a fitness room that sells monthly or annual subscriptions, a hotel that makes reservations based on the availability of an online calendar, or a foreclosure office that publishes periodic auctions.

Plugins for adding custom products

1. Subscriptions – the use of the Woocommerce subscriptions plugin can guarantee you the possibility to sell products in the form of a subscription for a certain period, with automatic monthly payment.

2. Products that can be booked – Woocommerce Booking is a plugin created especially for Booking sites, through which you can book accommodations for the hotel environment.

3. Membership Products – this plugin allows you to sell products in the form of subscriptions only to certain persons or institutions that have access to use the platform.

4. Bundled products – Ideal for creating numerous offers such as “1 + 1 free”, “buy 3 and pay 2”, etc.

5. Auctions – plugin to create online auctions, with start date and end date,