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What is an SSL certificate and how can it help?

Almost every business on the market has a website where their customers can enter. Consumers can buy items, research products, and learn more by exploring this option. However, a little security can put the client at risk when it comes to hacking attempts, malware or viruses.

What is SSL?

As a business owner, protecting your site is an important task. An SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) certificate is a method of securing your page by encrypting the information there. If these elements are not protected, it becomes very easy for data to be stolen by malicious people. SSL guarantees that any data entered on the platform will be carefully guarded and encrypted before being sent.

How do you know if a site is SSL secured?

Websites that are less secure will start with HTTP, while those that are ideal for reading will start with HTTPS. You may also see a padlock in the browser bar indicating that it is a secure page. Following these signs is prudent for all consumers. As an added bonus, your site is likely to gain an increase in SEO ratings if you choose to obtain an SSL certificate, which means that more people will see your site than before.