utilizarea plugin-urilor wordpress

Using plugins in WordPress

Plugins (or modules) are folders that contain files with .php, .html, .css, .js, etc. extensions. They are designed to give new functionality to websites and pages and can be added using one of the following methods:

1. By downloading – by accessing the “add modules” sub-tab in the “plugins” section of the main menu in the control panel. Here is a list of all the plugins available in the WordPress online platform. These can be searched by name or keywords. They can be sorted by popularity or recommendations. After you have installed a selected plug-in, you will need to press the “activate” option for it to become functional.

Această imagine are atributul alt gol; numele fișierului este websitestools.ro_wp-admin_plugin-install.php_-1024x427.png

2. By upload – the files can be uploaded both through WordPress, in the same subfiles as in point 1, and from the server through the Cpanel panel. The path to where the plug-ins are stored is usually through the File Manager section, public_html / wp-content / plugins. As above, once installed or copied to the mentioned folder, they need to be activated.

In the same “plugins” section of the WordPress control panel menu we find the following options:

  • Installed plug-ins – All installed plug-ins can be viewed here as a list. From this location we can choose and decide which modules should be deleted, enabled or disabled. Similar to posts or pages, we can make an individual or mass selection.
Această imagine are atributul alt gol; numele fișierului este websitestools.ro_wp-admin_plugins.php-2-1024x127.png
  • Module Editor – This page allows you to select plug-in files and edit their code.
Această imagine are atributul alt gol; numele fișierului este websitestools.ro_wp-admin_plugin-editor.php_-1024x455.png