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Types of SEO techniques

SEO techniques

The use of keywords requires compliance with certain sets of rules in order not to abuse their permitted frequency on the page and to reduce the quality of the information. It is true that a higher number of keyword impressions may suggest to search engines that in some cases the text on your page is more relevant than on other similar pages, but only if, for example, it does not exceed a certain percentage. of the total volume of content. We cannot repeat a word indefinitely without bringing any new information, just for the sake of appearing higher in search engines. With this in mind, Google is trying to prevent as much as possible the situations in which users visit certain web pages in the hope that they will find an answer for their searches, but in his absence I leave the pages immediately. Thus, the possibility of optimizing the keywords in order to improve the content of a website to satisfy the requests from the search engines can be achieved through three techniques: White Hat, Gray Hat and Black Hat.
Their names derive from the typology of characters in the movies of the early twentieth century (after 1920), in which positive characters or heroes then wore light hats, and negative characters or criminals had their heads covered with dark textiles (black) .

White Hat

It implements the methods of optimizing a website within the recommendations and permissions of Google. E.g:

  • Excessive use of keywords is avoided, which leads to “cannibalizing” pages (multiple pages in a site are optimized for the same keywords). If we take as a benchmark the recommendations of Yoast, keywords should not exceed 4% of the total text volume.
  • the images contain an alternative description and a relevant name to provide useful information about the displayed subject.
  • the pages contain internal links that guide users to other parts of the site.
  • “link farms” are avoided. A large number of links to a small number of text suggests that the page is not for informational purposes, but to help other sites by offering “votes of confidence” to help them grow in position. from Google searches.
  • Pages containing at least 300 words are considered more relevant.
  • Quality content is used.

Black Hat

This is a completely opposite technique to White Hat and represents those methods of forcing and / or trying to “trick” Google’s crawlers in order to get better search engine results. Black Hat techniques include:

  • the use of redirected links (the user sees a title and a description on the Google search page, but after clicking it is redirected to a completely different page, totally irrelevant).
  • applying duplicate content, taken from other web pages.
  • use of texts on the page, invisible to users. They exist on the page, but are set not to be displayed and are intended to try to “trick” Google’s crawlers by saying that the page contains those words (which I repeat, cannot be seen by users) and therefore relevant to is in a favorable position in the search engines.

Gray Hat

Gray Hat methods are a middle ground between White Hat and Black Hat. They can be a way of creating content just for the sake of getting backlinks. Basically, for the user, the page would be just as useful and without the content entered.