instalare wordpress

WordPress platform installation in Cpanel

In order to use the WordPress platform, you just need to follow these steps:

Step 1

First of all you need to download the latest WordPress installation kit from the following link:

Step 2

Log in to the Cpanel account of the server on which you are about to add your new site and select the “MySQL® Databases” option from the “Databases” category. Here you must first create a database that you will need to name, using the prefix used automatically by the server and a user, who will also use a prefix by default. After you have done these two things, at the bottom of the page you will have to assign to the created user a database, respectively the one you created before, leaving the “All Privileges” option selected. It is very important to write down the name of the database, the user, as well as the generated password, which you will use in step 4.

Step 3

On the main page of Cpanel, select from the “Files” category and choose the “File manager” option. This will automatically open a new page in another tab, where you will see all the folders on the server needed for your website in a menu on the left. For now, you will choose the “public_html” folder, and you will upload the .zip archive file (the one downloaded from the official WordPress site). Uploading the file will also take place in a new window, which you will close after the file upload status bar changes color from blue to green. When you have finished uploading files, you can close the last tab and return to the folder named “public_html”. Now you will notice that it is no longer empty. Right-click on the .zip file and select “extract files”. WordPress is now ready for installation.

Step 4

In a new tab, enter the URL of the domain you set for your server ( and press enter. You will see a WordPress configuration menu (wp-config.php file configuration). In the first window you will have to select the language that the site will use. Below you will need to fill in a few fields that contain essential information, namely the name of the database, the user and the password that you generated in Step 2. In this way you will connect the site to the specific database.

In the last window you will be able to create a user, a password and an email address for logging in to the WordPress control panel. These are especially necessary for situations where you forget your site login password, which makes it impossible to access the WordPress dashboard, through which you can manage pages, articles, plugins, statistics, comments, categories, etc. After entering all the required data, you can press the “run installation” button.

Step 5

After the installation is complete, you will be able to connect to your site at any time from any device using the URL of the site followed by / wp-admin / ( For the security of your data, as well as the existing files on the site, you will be asked for your username and password (entered in the last window from Step 4).