cum sa scrii un titlu atractiv

How to write an inspired title?

“The cow doesn’t give milk!”

An unfortunate title, at first appearance:

How can a cow not give milk? What do you mean?What nonsense will it be in the next text? It’s a joke, isn’t it?

Many, many questions. Why would anyone write that?

But, the most inspired possible title is the one that totally hooks the reader, proposing him to immediately find his own script, after which the following will unfold. The more questions you ask, the more appealing, the more interesting it will be to take the reader further in the text.

Propose a wrong premise and solve it in a unique, unexpected and surprising way.

In the end, the “wow” effect is created.

Writing an attractive titledepends largely on the coherent construction of the text, and less than the inspiration to the editor.Creative writing, whether it’s copywriting or content writing, has a clear, almost mathematical structure.As I said before, a text needs thorough and dedicated research. No great copywriter delivers texts from inspiration, but from documentation and an accurate understanding of the structure of the text.

In general, the structure of the text is as follows:

  1. The premise of the text
  2. The main ideas
  3. Text development
  4. Connecting elements
  5. Unpublished details
  6. Termination
  7. Conclusion

The title is the one that triggers and attracts the reader.It is the first step in accepting the idea to read the text.

Depending on the desired effect, it can be:

  1. Inedited
  2. Informative
  3. Descriptive
  4. Adder
  5. Argumentative
  6. Comparative
  7. Interrogative

How do I write an attractive title?

  1. Make it as short as possible
  2. Delivers the main benefit, directly
  3. Launches an absolute news
  4. It brings sensational news
  5. Ask a question
  6. It appeals to the reader’s desire to know more
  7. Tell us what to do / how to solve it
  8. It is an immediate source of valuable information
  9. Contains a number or a figure that has a text support effect

The title can be written in a classic writing formula:

  1. Who wants more benefits?
  2. What’s new?
  3. Where do you find the best….?
  4. How do you immediately benefit from…?
  5. When you want to….?

Examples of titles, depending on their role:

  1. Summative
    1. This is how Mercedes designed the new model
    2. How can you look 10 years younger
    3. This way you can double the number of visits to the site
  2. Informative
    1. 5 new models are waiting for you in the store
    2. 5 methods to double sales
    3. The lesser known method of maintaining a constant temperature in the house
    4. 3 quick ways to bring customers to the site
  3. The effect of immediate resolution
    1. The plugin that revolutionized SEO
    2. Now you eat as much as you want and lose the extra pounds
    3. How to write like a pro in 3 easy steps
  4. Rewarding (Go straight to the benefit. For this you need to understand very well what it is for the target audience. Even if the reader does not pass the title, he will still be left with the information in his head)
    • Doubling the investment quickly (for the public who want fast ROI)
    • Infographics made in 5 minutes (for specialist)
    • 3 ways to negotiate salary efficiently (for those looking for a new job)
  5. Ad type (brings information of maximum interest)
    1. The new phone model can be found here
    2. An innovative idea to attract new customers
    3. The 5 latest methods for selling titles
    4. The new Ford reaches 280km / h in 3 seconds
  6. Interrogative
    1. How do you dress for a cocktail party in 2022?
    2. How do you do qualitative analysis?
    3. Want an advance for a new laptop?
  7. Super informative (appeals to the desire to learn something new)
    1. How To Write An Exciting Headline In 15 Minutes
    2. How to quit smoking in 24 hours
    3. How to make money for a pension by investing 10 lei
  8. Call to action included:
    1. Register now and get 1 month FREE
    2. I write the first 3 texts without any commission
    3. Get 1 free social media lesson

The title can become the most important source of information.

For a perfect title bring the most interesting tips and tricks, shortcuts or solutions:

  • 10 medical methods to lose 3 kilograms a week
  • Perfect steak in 3 easy steps
  • 7 things you need for the ideal vacation

And …do not forget


The cow does not give milk

This is the secret of life shared by a farmer to his children. It must be milked.

In order to be able to milk it, it must be fed, watered, taken care of every day. This means waking up early in the morning, going to graze with her, cleaning her barn daily, using the chair and bucket, and making the right moves to get the milk. The same goes for the path you choose for your professional life.

Things are not automatic and free: I WANT, I ASK, I RECEIVE. There are people who think that cows give milk. The things you get are the result of your efforts.

In reality, all the steps you take in school, at every job, will lead you to a bucket full of milk.

Any attempt to shorten the route will lead to less milk. Did you get the milk? Perfect, now you can make sour cream and butter. That is, you can get more value. The premises were built correctly.

The bricks of your career are placed in a solid structure, which no earthquake will permanently destroy.