How to become a copywriter

In recent years, the marketing industry has taken a strong lead, and the pandemic period has had a positive effect on the number of online stores that have grown.
Marketing and online stores need content, which is provided by copywriters who have a great talent for packaging words that attract.
Writing is now a booming profession that is based on writing for the internet. Whether we are talking about a blogger, copywriter or content writer, they are all sought after in various companies. It is an ideal job for those who want to work from home, when traveling or those who want an extra income.
For starters, you can create your own blog where you can earn money from advertising. Thus, the talent for writing is polished.
The blog can be used as your portfolio, so customers can see how creative you are.
Since you have decided to pursue this vocation, you can look for a job at a company as a copywriter. It can be a content creation company, and the advantage is the fastest way to get paid.


Another thing you can do is work as a freelancer. It gives you the opportunity to enjoy the freedom you need. But there is a disadvantage, I could mention that it is at the beginning, you have a very high chance of being paid less than if you worked in an agency.
Obviously, this aspect can change, because you can create a portfolio of clients to help you enter the profit zone.
It is important to create your own brand, your own style so that people can know you, and along the way you gain from the quality of your writing style.
To work as a freelancer you can register on platforms that create content and you can earn money from writing articles on demand. Ideally, at the beginning until you get a little experience, the fee should be quite low. You can grow along the way.
It should be mentioned that there are also platforms that connect freelancers directly with potential clients.
You don’t need years to become a professional, be aware of what you do and everything will go much faster.

Top 10 Steps to Succeed in Freelancing Copywriting:

– Do not work for free, you can do this only at the beginning to build a portfolio
– Work constantly
– Always meet deadlines
– Charge more than the average that is on the market
– Deliver more than you undertook to do
– Inform- you, develop everything you know
– Get known through customer recommendations
– Improve your presentation and negotiation skills
– Never give up after an easy collaboration
– Set your own standards

This field differs a lot from the classic fields of work, in which clients want to see in your CV years of experience. In the copywriting profession, clients want to see your talent that is not necessarily represented by the number of clients, they want to feel the trust that you offer them, that you will do your job the way they want it to be done.
Most of the time, the classic and traditional tips are not the ones that work best, because the market is constantly evolving, and you have to adapt to everything that is new and trendy.