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Add Social Share buttons with the “Add to any” plugin

Do you have a blog, an online store or just an ad site and you want users to be able to share posts from your pages? You can do this in just a few minutes using the ” Add to any ” mode.


To get started, you will need to download the plugin by selecting from the WordPress Plugins menu> Add new. On the open page, search the search bar on the right for “social share”. In the displayed list you will find several modules, but you will have to choose the one that will look like this:


Once you have installed and activated it, you will find it in the menu by selecting the options Settings> Addtoany. After completing this step, you will enter the plugin configuration page. Here you will have two tabs: Standard and Floating. The first tab is the settings by which you can attach social media icons to article / product pages. In the second tab you can choose to display them to the right or left of the pages, via a div set with the position attribute at the sticky value. Start the settings in the first tab, as follows:

At the top select the size of the distribution buttons, as well as the choice between a colored background or a transparent one. In the “share buttons” section you will be able to select from a list the social networks for which you want to add a button. Here we can also opt for a print button for articles or pages.

At the bottom of the page you will find the options for selecting the locations where you want to add the buttons, as well as adding an option through which the user will be able to select a menu to select other social networks, other than those entered by you. Press the save button and you’re done. Distribution icons will look like this:

The menu seen by users can be opened with the “+” button and will look like this:

In the “Floating” tab of the plugin configuration page you can also add sharing buttons on the sides of the pages. Here you can choose the following: their position on the screen, the types of devices to appear on, their size and background.

At the bottom of the page save the settings and you’re done, the buttons are displayed and fully functional on the site.