cupoane de reduceri woocommerce

How to add a discount coupon

The online store becomes more attractive to customers when they find various advantageous offers in it. Discount coupons can surprisingly generate extra subscribers or customers.

The Woocommerce module comes with the possibility of adding such discount coupons that can be set and activated for all products or for only a part of them. The interesting part is that you can create and customize the coupons however you want. For example, you can opt for a minimum or maximum amount that can be used or even for a period of validity.

How to create discount coupons

Step 1.

To start creating discount coupons you will first need to be logged in to the WordPress site. From the side menu of the panel, select Marketing> Coupons, as shown in the image below.

Step 2.

Then select “Add coupon” at the top. After you have done this, the following window will appear:

Step 3.

In the top field that contains the text the value “Coupon code” you will have to set a code that can be used by customers on the “Cart” page, before making payment on the site. You can do this manually by adding a word (for example, “Christmas” if the coupon is created around the winter holidays) or by clicking the “Generate coupon code” button to randomly add a code.

Step 4.

Below is a coupon customization section with three main tabs. In the first tab, entitled “General” you have a form in which you will have to set the following:

  • Discount type – select whether the discount will need to be expressed as a percentage or fixed.
  • Coupon value – setting the amount of the reduced amount. For example, if you fill in with “10” and in the previous section you have selected a type of percentage discount, the coupon will generate a price 10% lower. If you opted for a fixed discount, then the final price will be 10 Ron or Euro cheaper, depending on which currency you have set as the default for the store.
  • Optionally, you can check if you offer free delivery to people who use the coupon code, otherwise leave unchecked.
  • In the last field you will be able to select an expiration date of the coupon. If you want it to be permanent, leave the field blank.

Step 5.

In the second tab, entitled “usage restrictions” you will be able to set the following:

  • set a minimum and a maximum amount for which the coupon can be used. For example, you can choose to have that discount only for shopping carts that contain products with a certain minimum total value, or that do not exceed a certain maximum amount. If you do not have this data, you can leave the fields blank.
  • you can choose whether this coupon can be applied with other coupons.
  • you can choose not to apply the coupon discounts to the products in the store that are already on offer (they have added a sale price, different from the general one).
  • In the last 4 fields you can add the products or categories for which you want to apply the coupon, respectively the products or categories that you want to exclude. If the coupon applies to all products, leave the fields blank.

Step 6.

In the last tab you will have to complete the following aspects:

  • you can choose how many times the coupon can be used in total in the online store.
  • you can choose how many uses of the coupon can be applied by a single customer. If you want only one person to be able to use it more than once, set “1”.

After completing all these fields, select “publish” on the right side of the screen to generate the coupon.