numele domeniului web

How important is a web domain name?

Choosing a domain name is an important decision and that is why it must be chosen carefully. It must reflect as accurately as possible what I offer the user, what my business does, why he should be interested in the offer; to summarize in 1-2 words that you bring unique to his attention.

How do I choose the name?

The domain name must be short, 1 maximum 2 words, to be found as easily as possible by users in search engines.

In short, choose keywords that can easily stay in anyone’s mind.

Does the domain name sell?

The name is one of the first tools to sell. It must be easy to remember, to attract users, to remember it immediately, without making search efforts, in memory or on the Internet.

How do I choose the domain extension?

Choose the right extension for the market you are selling: if the business is mainly aimed at the domestic market, choose .ro. If addressability is international, .com or .net is preferred. If you are in the field of NGO (non-profit), informative, you can choose .org. For the field of education .edu and so on.

There are even original and new extensions that you can use: .pizza, .photography, .blog, .io, .tech. In total there are about 250 extensions to choose from.

Be careful when choosing an extension, as it can become extremely restrictive: e.g. .the pizza. If you want to sell something other than pizza, you will have a problem: the name will cause smiles and you will not be taken seriously as a supplier.

Although it seems attractive to be creative and choose an exotic extension, the most used remain .ro, for the internal market and .com for the external one.

Most users will write from the usual .ro for Romania and .com for external.

Choosing another extension risks not being found immediately by the user, and even annoying by returning a search error.

As many names that describe in one word the field of activity are already taken / reserved, you need to be creative and find something that reflects what you do or what you sell and that is available for purchase.

For example, suppose you sell parquet. Obviously, the chances that the domain will not be available are very high. You can try; or with other extensions but even there the chances are small.

How do I find a domain name that is easy to remember and memorable?

You can start by choosing a company name. If the name contains more than one word, choose the most interesting one. But in this case you will depend a lot on the promotion of this name, and this is not always the best idea.

A wide variant is from the word family, from the family of close meanings / expressions or from the extended one: eg parquet = floors, finishes, cladding, etc.

You can also choose a name that differentiates you from the others, something unique, which you bring as a novelty in the field: e.g.;;, etc.

Leave room to add or change business domains. Today you sell parquet, tomorrow you can add a category for paints in the company’s product portfolio.

If you want you can use 2 or more words in the name, separated by a hyphen. This will help the search engines better understand the relevant field.

Also avoid duplicating letters in the name, such as ‘parchettehnic’.

Choose a name that is as short and comprehensive as possible and not unnecessarily long.

Conclusion: choose a name that is as relevant as possible or as close as possible to the business area in which you operate. It leaves the possibility to be comprehensive for other ranges of products or services, for the situation in which you intend to expand. Don’t waste your name and choose an extension dedicated to the market you are targeting. Be creative and relevant at the same time.