Google my business

What is Google My Business?

Google My Business is a free application that the Google platform offers us to promote our company, NGO or brand. By using this application we will have the opportunity to appear at the top on certain pages in search engines, depending on the location of the user. Obviously, a profile optimization is also needed. This application defines us as a company or brand in the local space.
Using the Google My Business application, depending on the IP or location of the Wi-Fi network used by Internet searchers, certain information about businesses in your area that meets their requirements (if relevant) ). Thus, the results of the application can be displayed in the form of directions via Google Maps, which will show the details of existing companies in the locality or region of which the device is part. For example, if we search for the word restaurant on a phone that is located in Sibiu, we will have the following results displayed at the top of the page:


Google My Business provides an opportunity to attract and interact with potential customers by conducting searches on certain services related to your business. The Google my business profile also comes with the ability to provide details about your business contact information and services, with the benefit of receiving reviews and comments directly from the people you interacted with. This is very important because a company that has at least 5 positive reviews, respectively 5 stars, is well seen by Google and can even rank in a very good position in the list of companies presented with similar services (of course, and the size competitiveness is a factor that will be taken into account in this case). For this reason, It is recommended that you respond to each review received through this app, and thank you for your feedback. A company that interacts with customers in this way can give good impressions to those who view the profile.

A very important aspect of using this application is that any company can promote itself on the internet for free, even if it does not yet have a website or a Facebook profile. It’s good to know that there are situations where a start-up company, such as a startup, would need some time to create a website that has positive search engine results and generates a lot of customers.

It is true that in this application we also have the possibility to have an integrated web page, but it will contain in the URL elements specific to the application, which would not necessarily help
much to promote the brand from an aesthetic point of view. But for starters, this option has the advantage of being free.

Inside the profile you are going to create you will have many possibilities to insert posts that appear in your company information, many photos, the products you provide, the types of services, the official site where users can find and see more details and last but not least the possibility to receive messages directly from them.

Among the information you can provide about your company are: establishing a work schedule, contact details, website and last but not least providing links for scheduling.