Golden rules of a successful copywriter

Any successful field with many successes and positive results, has some key rules or certain principles that guide it. Thus, as in the field of copywriting, there are some very important aspects that must be considered. If we want it to ensure efficient communication between the potential buyer and the brand. I prefer to call them golden rules, because they actually create a quality copywriter.

The first rule that I consider to be the most important is to emanate transparency. Trust is the basis of any successful contract. When you provide transparency, when you create a close relationship with the client, he will gain confidence in you and will want to have a long-term collaboration. Nobody wants a collaborator who doesn’t trust them. You have to keep in mind that that customer needs this feeling from you, because he leaves the whole business in your hands. Your responsibility is to create good content that has the desired results, and more.

Replace phrases like “I’m the best, buy from me” with “I let my projects talk about success and what I could do for you.” Although we hear everywhere that people promote themselves, it is totally wrong. We have evolved a lot, and over time people have come to use other forms of promotion. Self-praise will only drive away your customers. They are interested in what you can do for them, how your services will benefit their brand.

Use in your texts the expression “you” in the second person, so the reader feels close to you and creates a family relationship, but still a little formal. Which meets certain standards.

Don’t overuse keywords

Search engine optimization is a way that constantly brings you readers. To be successful you must be up to date with all the algorithm updates.

Repeating a word does nothing but make it very boring, but along the way you will find it ineffective.

You can use synonyms because there are many articles that rank on a keyword without appearing in the content, due to the synonyms.

Use paragraphs

A text consisting of endless paragraphs and long sentences will tire the reader. A text made up of several paragraphs is much easier to scan, attracts much better being tidy and gives you the feeling of a good organization. The reader can easily extract the main ideas.

Avoid using scientific terms and jargon

If you use such language, you only attract a certain audience. You need your texts to be understood by everyone, regardless of the field in which they operate. Be free to use expressions that contain common words.

Use sensory words

The nerve centers of the brain responsible for the senses are activated when they perceive words as “fine”, “delicious”, “elegant”. On a site, people cannot feel the taste or smell, but they can create a certain image of what is there, thanks to these sensory words. The process itself is not difficult, but it is impactful.

Any copywriter who wants to be successful must use these golden rules, which will bring him everything he wants.