Copywriting vs. Content writing vs. Creative writing

Copywriting vs. Content writing vs. Creative writing

You have probably heard these 3 functions quite often, and in one way or another you confused them, or thought they were the same thing. Indeed, it is about different tasks, but many times we end up combining them to get a desired result.
As a copywriter, your task is to write about products/services/brands to sell. Why and why does the person need that product/service/brand. This one that you offer, and nothing else.
When it comes to content writing, we think of an educational content on a certain information that the reader receives from the website or blog you write for. Content leads us to think about content, text, images, video, but as a content writer you only have to write texts: descriptions of products, services, features, details, etc.
Creative writing, certainly this side is much more suitable for those who are passionate about emotions, literature, film, music. It is used to convey one’s own emotions, feelings.
And somehow sometimes all these are combined, especially if we refer to content writing and creative writing that form the paired team to attract clients.

How can you find good content writing or copywriting?

First of all, the content writer is very concerned with that content that educates, entertains or informs the public. The goal is to attract the public on certain channels, websites, blogs, social media through a much more professional method, namely education.
• Use keywords to maximize search engine quality
• Structure content so that it is easy to read
• Use specific language to keep the reader interested
• Come up with your own content ideas
A good copywriter is differentiated from all others by how he understands what the public wants to hear.
• Understands the needs of the target audience
• Does research about business
• Explains complicated concepts in a simple way
• Understands SEO
• Uses storytelling and understands the importance of this concept
• Makes the voice of the brand heard

What benefits does a business have if it uses content writing?

Well, the content writer helps your business more than you could imagine. The success and sustainability of a business is not based only on a presentation website or a logo, but is based on the words it conveys. It is very important the way our business addresses the public, the way it reaches them.
You need a content writer who can attract new customers, but at the same time keep the old ones.
By creating a long-term relationship, combined with a strategy through which they are informed of new services, products or offers. And even through their loyalty.
So, whether you choose a copywriter, content writer or creative writer, choose the right one for your business, depending on what your business needs to make itself known, to develop and to stay on the market for a long time time. In this digital age, all the public is online, by means of a copywriter, content writer or creative writer who knows how to do his job well, you will reach the target audience.