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The importance of backlinks for search engines

What are backlinks?

Backlinks are a collection of trusted votes for your site offered by other web pages through links. By adding links to your site in the content of your own pages, other sites can recommend you as a quoted source, respectively a reliable one. In fact, through backlinks, if they are used correctly, the traffic to your site can also generate an increase.

How do you get backlinks naturally?

Getting backlinks naturally is done when other people mention or quote you in their posts. In order to benefit from this, you will first of all need, of course, to promote and update your content often.

Methods of getting free backlinks:

  • Ask blogs to give you the opportunity to become a contributor by posting content on their site. Thus, you can display links to your site in the form of the author’s address or as a citation source. This method is called “Guest Post”.
  • Share content from your site on social media. Certainly if it is relevant and well written, it will be distributed further in the community and will bring traffic.
  • Directory submission. Although many people think this is not a recommended method, we believe that this may be relevant content through which you can get a “vote of confidence” for your site.
  • Active involvement in the discussions on the forums in your field of activity. This way you can help people who are looking for solutions to various problems by distributing material / posts from your site that are relevant to those topics.

Avoid buying backlinks

Numerous offers published by various sites can be found on the Internet, through which backlinks can be purchased at “dozen” prices. The use of these services is part of the “Black Hat” techniques, because they represent methods of “fooling” the search engines in the idea of ​​obtaining a better position.

 Why aren’t they recommended?

  • They may come from sites that are not well received by Google crawlers (spam may be high)
  • You cannot control the links.
  • If certain sites are closed, there may be a lot of broken links that link to your site.
  • You cannot control the content of the pages in which they are published (this may be duplicate or irrelevant to your niche).
  • Backlinks must always come naturally and not have abnormal volume fluctuations (for example, you may become suspicious of crawlers if you receive a large volume of backlinks in a given month, maybe even a few tens of thousands. and in the other months you do not receive any.)