Google plugin for wordpress

How to display all the statistics provided by Google tools in the WordPress dashboard

In this article I will present a very useful module, which should not be missing from any WordPress site. This is the Google Site Kit. This way you will no longer have to log in to all Google platforms to measure your website data, such as Google Search Console, Google Analytics, Google AdSense, etc. You can view all this in real time directly from the WordPress control panel. But this does not mean that you do not have to enter these platforms at least once to create an account in which to register the website for monitoring.


Once you’ve logged in and set up your accounts, you’ll need to log in to the WordPress control panel and search for “Site kit by Google” in the search bar on the add-ons page. It should look like this:

Once you have found it, click on the install and activate buttons. You will now have these options in the WordPress side menu:

We will select the “Dashboard” page, where we will be asked to add a Google account (the one registered in the respective platforms). Once you have selected that account, you will have access to a page where you can view statistics. If Google Accounts were recently created, less than 30 days ago, the sections will have a blue background and send a message stating that the data is being collected, as follows:

At the top of the page is the section for displaying website traffic
The Search Console account data will be displayed in the next section
Another section showing page load data and errors identified by the Google Search Console

On Thursday, this being the last section, we meet a section through which we can connect the site to Google Adsense to display ads in the content of the pages.

In the second subpage of the plugin menu (“Settings”) we have the ability to view all added accounts, as well as the ability to add new platforms suggested by Google. as shown in the following images: