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How to enter carousels with product categories for free, using shortcodes

In this article, we will show you how to enter free slides with existing products in your online store filtered by categories. To get started, you will need to install the ” Woo Category Slider ” plugin from the new modules search page. It will look like this:

Once the module is installed and activated, you will notice its appearance in the side menu:

To start creating a new slider, select “Add New” from the Woo Cat Slider menu to open the configuration page.

At the top of this page you can add a specific name to the slider to differentiate it from the next ones you create. Immediately below the title addition field, a shortcode code is automatically generated to display the result in pages. In the next section we find 5 tabs. The first tab, called “General settings” allows you to choose the display format of the categories (the free version of the plugin allows only slider), select the categories to display and customize the structure (number of columns, order of products, etc.).

In the “Display options” tab we can configure: the color of the product title, the spacing or positioning of the product content.

In the third tab, entitled “thumbnails settings”, you can customize the product images in the slider.

The following tab gives you the ability to customize loop settings (autoplay, slider playback speed, slider navigation, etc.). If you opt for the premium (paid) version, the price of the plugin is around $ 39 and brings the following settings in addition:

  • font settings
  • unlock new templates for woocommerce blocks
  • unlock new templates for block products and
  • Insert button to add to cart for each product in the block