How to add a newsletter for site users to subscribe

In order to ensure that you have a permanent traffic to your site, you need to offer visitors interested in your articles a way to notify them whenever you publish something new. With the ” WordPress Newsletter ” plugin from Noptin you can do this in just a few simple steps.

Step 1

Look for the “newsletter” on the page for adding new modules. In searches, it will look like this:

After installation, the module will appear in the menu as follows:

Step 2

Create a template for the subscription form by selecting “Subscriptions Forms” from the menu. On the open page, click the “Add” button to open the following menu:

From these sub-files you will have to configure the form fields and the text of the emails sent to the users after the subscription. Once you’ve set up your form, select the “Add” option from the “Email Campaigns” page of the side menu, which looks like this:

Choose the first option to open a template editor for the emails to be sent. After editing them, click save.

Step 3.

Select the “Settings” page from the module menu to configure when emails are sent, the columns you want to be displayed in the backend of the page where all subscribers are listed, and thank you messages for subscribing and unsubscribing, respectively.

Click “save changes” and you’re done, the plugin is functional.